Things to keep in mind while playing Hay Day

Hay Day is a very addictive game which is played on the Android phones or tablets. Here you will have to do farming and harvesting and at the same time spend your coins for the up gradation of the game. You will also have to sell all the goods for getting quick money to proceed further in the game so there are two things which you will need to know when it comes to playing the game properly, and these two things are mentioned below.

Things to avoid

You will fall in some situation where you will have to sell your goods to the customers who won’t be paying you properly so if you think that your range is quite realistic then you should always try to wait till you are getting any better offer. To make a proper profit, you shouldn’t be selling stuff desperately for getting money because customers will then force you for selling these things at low prices so always try to sell your goods at the roadsides so that you will get a better price for your goods. The creator of this game always want this game to look like a real one, so they normally focus on the supply and demand balance which you need to maintain in the game because to survive in this game you need to use your strategies properly.

Many users normally don’t focus on the game during the night time or when they are sleeping. But in this game even if you are not online or not playing it does not indicate that you will have to stop the game as whenever you will get some extra gap of time you can use them properly. So it is recommended to use that time for planting new crops particularly the one which will take a very long time for yielding. So these times are the best for planting crops but do not plan any easy crops because it will kill that time and by easy crops, we mean pumpkin, Indigo, corn, etc. So when you are sleeping all your crops will start to yield and grow. When you wake up, you can find that all your crops are harvested, and you can easily play the game. So using this few techniques will help you a lot in this game

You can use the Hay Day tool for escaping the situations because spending lavishly on unnecessary crop farming can make you lose the motivation for playing the game any further.