Survey of Reviews of the BlackBerry Storm 9530

Name of Manufacturer/Product Name/Model: BlackBerry Storm 9530
Average Retail Price: List price is $618 Cdn. However, this can vary depending on the mobile phone service you use.

Overall Consensus: Most have been pleased with the BlackBerry Storm 9530. There were a few minor issues such as the screen’s refresh rate when moving through its menus and changing from portrait to landscape mode, but not enough to completely put people off purchasing it.

Pros:UMTS/HSDPA support, touch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera

Cons: Poor speakerphone quality, various bugs

Product Features: The 3.2 megapixel camera and data storage capabilities seem to be the strongest of the BlackBerry Storm 9530’s features. The touch screen also is a feature that sets the BlackBerry Storm 9530 apart from other smartphones. Wireless capabilities also allow for use in Europe, Asia and North America.

What the experts are saying: Most agree that the BlackBerry Storm 9530 is a great smartphone. CNET editors note that the speakerphone isn’t the best and that working with Word and other documents on the phone should not be attempted beyond minor editing. However, that also is about average for other smartphones. Laptop Magazine calls the BlackBerry Storm “drop-dead gorgeous” and likes its ability to support wireless networks in the North America, Asia and Europe. Engadget also is happy with the look and wireless capabilities. What it wasn’t too impressed with is the way the screen jiggled around when pressed in a certain way. It also didn’t think that the touch screen feature really added anything to the BlackBerry Storm.

What consumers are saying: Those on Amazon were mostly pleased with the BlackBerry Storm 9530. One reviewer mentioned that the speed of the phone was slower than that of his friend’s Apple iPhone. Another consumer wasn’t as impressed with the Storm. He noted that since it now uses a micro USB port instead of the mini USB port used on earlier models, if he switched his employees to the Storm, any of the extra chargers they had would no longer be useful.