SimCity Build It hacks and cheats


If you have ever dreamt to create your real cyber city, especially if you are learning to become a successful architect or achieve a career in other forms of city building then there is no better way for you to start achieving your dreams than setting up your own SimCity Build it account. You will be able to play this app from your desktop through Facebook and from your mobile devices, iOS and Android as well.  This game is also a great way of spending pastime for all those who are travelling a lot or those who are used to relax while having to still do something challenging.

This game will start from zero and gets to a point where you can end up with a Dubai like metropolis. You are the one who sets up everything from running water to electricity and you will be the one building out all the amenities and services, which will later on pay taxes in order for you to be able to invest all the more.

But, eventually the point of stagnating is inevitable. You either went too far in terms of spending money or end up waiting tons of time in order to go step by step that you are close to get to a breaking point: you either pay for extra keys or SimCash  or you may even end up giving the whole game a break because it’s just too much waiting.

That’s exactly when most people end up with getting online to look for a simcity buildit hack android to get ahead all the faster. You will find tons of online websites offering you access to SimCash, keys or coins. You will also have access to apps on iTunes which can help you with tips and advice but this time around let me also get to show you some of the cheats and tips which you can use when starting to play:

  • Upgrade city storage as soon as possible
  • Place all factories and waste storage spaces as far from residential areas as possible: to avoid pollution that will make you having to pay for tons of extra efforts for cleaning.
  • SimCash should be spent primarily for store expansions
  • Concentrate on wind and water powered energy
  • Trade goods with other players as often as possible: this way you can get things way cheaper
  • Work on population because this way you earn more taxes and will have a good workforce to improve everything way faster
  • Set your factories to produce even when you are offline

All these tips can make you earn SimCash all the faster in a more organic way. I hope you liked all the tips and ways to hack represented here and will carry on with this great game because it teaches people a lot on how cities originally operate.

The actual hacks:

The hacks available on iTunes: yes you are reading me well. This is one of the rare games for which I can see a legit downloadable app available on iTunes for everyone.