How to Make a Twisted Metal Car in an Online Game

Twisted Metal is a popular horror car game in which players advance through levels via car obstacles and destruction to learn the stories of the deranged characters throughout the game. Reduplicating the Twisted Metal car game completely is not possible without the appropriate sophisticated software. Thanks to modern technology, however, users can create their own car games online that possess characteristics that resemble the Twisted Metal car game and allow them to customize their version of the game to suit their personal gaming preferences.
Things You’ll Need

Online car game generator

Step 1

Navigate to a Web site that allows you to make your own car games online via an online car game generator, such as “PlayCrafter” (See References).

Step 2

Click on “Make Games,” and then select “Car Game” from the “Game Templates” to create a car game.

Step 3

Click items within the game kit to add them to the canvas, where you can move them to create game goals and obstacles. To keep with the theme of Twisted Metal, use dark colored cars and environments as well as gaming pieces such as the “Ball of Doom,” “Bull Demon,” “Buzz Saw” and “Brutal Spike.”

Step 4

Click on “Add Level” to add a new level to your car game, and ideally each level should increase in difficulty, depicting more difficult obstacles and horrors.

Step 5

Click on “Play” to test your game, and click on “Save” to save it for later re-working, or click on “Publish” to publish it, making it accessible to other users.


Click on “Piece Editor” to obtain additional gaming pieces, and click on “Create Piece” to create your own game piece; creating your own pieces could help you customize your car game to resemble Twisted Metal more.


Beware of harboring too high of expectations for your Twisted Metal game creation; you will not be able to completely recreate the Twisted Metal game.