Call of Duty: World at War – Second World War Again!!!

Call of Duty World at War returns you to the Second World War, but now besides the Germans, you’ll fight against the Japanese army. You play with American or Russian soldiers. The game is so tense that you will feel like you’re right in the Second World War. Weapons are mostly the same except for two new weapons: flamethrower and bayonet. Flamethrower is certainly the most interesting weapon that is very effective against Japanese fast attacks. Both of these new weapons will be used in the American campaign.

Mission in which you fight against the Japanese army were different because the Japanese use a different strategy. In these missions you must constantly be on guard because Japanese will always make ambushes and traps. They will often be hidden in the trees which can be very inconvenient. Also this Call of Duty is more bloodier than the other Call of Duty games. Also, the explosion will cause opponents to lose body parts which leads to a lot more blood. The game is very realistic so wounded soldiers will try to drag to the shelter.

Multiplayer is the same as in Call of Duty 4, so gaining levels you get new weapons and perks. Perks are special abilities that grant you a bonus. In addition to the basic modes Capture the Flag mode is returned and there is a new mode called Nazi Zombies in which you must defend the house from zombies. By killing zombies you get points which you spend on repairing the barricades or you can purchase new weapons or ammunition. Basic modes have some new things such as tanks, which you can use. Also you get a bonus if you make a certain kill streak. For example, when you make five kills you get airstrike and when you make seven kills you get angry dogs that kill for you.

Graphics is improved compared to Call of Duty 4 which means that it is a high-quality graphics.