Comparing Pre-paid and Contract Cell Phone Plans

They sound so seductive – a new iPhone 4 for $199, a Droid Incredible for $149, an HTC Evo for $199, and T-Mobile 4G phones for $199, not to mention lots of “free” phones with basic features. Are the really that cheap?
If you said no, you’re right. Let’s take a look at how you get these nice prices.

To get any regular AT T;, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile phone you must agree to a contract, usually for two years. For smartphones (and in some cases less-powerful feature phones) you must also get a data plan for the same term. Built into these plans is money to gradually pay back the carrier for giving you a phone so cheaply (what’s called a subsidy). And those early termination fees you hear about? They exist so the carrier gets its subsidy money back if you cancel your contract early.

Although all the major carriers have no-contract plans, not to mention other, smaller carriers, to get the newest, most powerful smartphones you have to get a plan with a contract. They lessen the up-front cost by having you spend more over the course of the contract.

So is there a cost difference between contract and no-contract smartphones and plans? In most cases you can’t make an apples-to-apple comparison as the phones or networks don’t match. One legitimate example is the BlackBerry Curve 8530, which as of this writing you can get from Sprint as well as their no-contract service Boost Mobile. This is a fair comparison because both services use the same network. The Sprint phone costs $49.99 after the subsidy, while Boost Mobile charges you $199. Sprint phone and data combo plans start at $69.99 (before taxes), but to match Boost Mobile’s $60 unlimited BlackBerry plan (which now get cheaper over time) you have to pay $99.99/month. After one year of a two-year Sprint contract you’ll pay a total of $889.87 with the $69.99 plan or $1,249.87 with the $99.99 plan, but only $859 with the Boost mobile plan. And if you keep the phone longer the Boost deal gets even better.

This is only one example; in most cases there’s no way to tell what the cost difference might be. For most high-end phones you can’t make a comparison since they are only available with the subsidized price and with a contract.

Buying Advice

The point here isn’t to rip on the carriers. I doubt many people would get high-end smartphones without the subsidized price. I have a Sprint plan with 2 smartphones, and I don’t know if I would have taken that plunge without the subsidy.

The point to take away from this is to know what you’re getting into. Phone and data plans add up to lots of money over time, so take some time to decide what you want and what your options are.

Here are a few other suggestions:

1. As long as the data plan is the same between two phones, take the subsidy into account when you’re comparing two phones. A 16GB iPhone 4 ($199 with contract) isn’t really twice as expensive as an 8GB iPhone 3GS ($99 with contract); with the subsidy removed (that you’re paying for during the contract) it’s closer to 25% more ($500 vs. $400, both guesses on my part). So don’t be shy about getting the higher-end model if that’s what you want.

2. The longer you keep a contract phone, the more you pay in “subsidy”. After the contract’s up the plan’s price doesn’t go down, so you’re still paying them for the phone. If you want the maximum value from your contract, upgrade as soon as you’re able to. Be aware that you’ll probably have to extend your existing contract to do this.

3. When considering a no-contract service be sure to consider the network’s coverage area. Some smaller carriers don’t cover the entire nation.

4. No-contract services are typically sold on an individual basis, but carriers have family contract plans that combine two or more lines at a savings. Family plans can even the playing field somewhat if you’re looking for more than one phone.

So that’s the story behind the cheap cell phones. I hope it helps you make an informed decision the next time you go cell phone shopping. Happy hunting!

Things to keep in mind while playing Hay Day

Hay Day is a very addictive game which is played on the Android phones or tablets. Here you will have to do farming and harvesting and at the same time spend your coins for the up gradation of the game. You will also have to sell all the goods for getting quick money to proceed further in the game so there are two things which you will need to know when it comes to playing the game properly, and these two things are mentioned below.

Things to avoid

You will fall in some situation where you will have to sell your goods to the customers who won’t be paying you properly so if you think that your range is quite realistic then you should always try to wait till you are getting any better offer. To make a proper profit, you shouldn’t be selling stuff desperately for getting money because customers will then force you for selling these things at low prices so always try to sell your goods at the roadsides so that you will get a better price for your goods. The creator of this game always want this game to look like a real one, so they normally focus on the supply and demand balance which you need to maintain in the game because to survive in this game you need to use your strategies properly.

Many users normally don’t focus on the game during the night time or when they are sleeping. But in this game even if you are not online or not playing it does not indicate that you will have to stop the game as whenever you will get some extra gap of time you can use them properly. So it is recommended to use that time for planting new crops particularly the one which will take a very long time for yielding. So these times are the best for planting crops but do not plan any easy crops because it will kill that time and by easy crops, we mean pumpkin, Indigo, corn, etc. So when you are sleeping all your crops will start to yield and grow. When you wake up, you can find that all your crops are harvested, and you can easily play the game. So using this few techniques will help you a lot in this game

You can use the Hay Day tool for escaping the situations because spending lavishly on unnecessary crop farming can make you lose the motivation for playing the game any further.

Boon For Instagram Lovers? InstagramH is here!


Instagram Hack: Boon For Instagram Lovers

Nowadays a big part of world’s population is engaged in using social networking websites. With the help of these types of websites, users can stay connected with friends. Users are able to chat with friends, relatives, or well known by using these applications. Instagram is one of the social networking websites. It gets popularity all over the world and some celebrities use this particular platform in order to connect with fans. For some people, it performs work as an opportunity to get fame or popularity. These types of people upload their video clips in which they show creativity and make them by using special skills to impress the other users. In this activity likes play very important role, as more like you are able to gather on post similarly you get fame. Every user pays attention to likes and then sees that video clip. Now the question is how to get lots of like on post. The Instagram Hack helps the users in getting numerous likes on their posts. Interesting thing related to the hack tool is users are not required to pay a single penny for hacking services.


Basis for comparison of Instagram generators

When it comes to the selection of hack tool among numerous options at that time confusion is normal. If you are smart users then you can easily overcome the confusion with the help of different online sources. There are some online sources provide information related to hacking tool by which you are able to make a judgment about Instagram hack tool. These sources provide the reviews and ratings of that particular tool those are mention or given by the previous users. You need to choose the tool that appears as the best option in inspection. Following are some points on which you are required to compare hack tools;

Free services: A genuine and user’s service oriented hack tool or online generator always provides hacking services for free of cost. In this way, users are able to boom likes on their posts without any type of financial issue or money wastage.

Online services: There are different kinds of generators available such as; download based or browsing based. If you are choosing this particular hack tool at that time you no need to download any type of application on device.


How to get information about hack tools?

Everyone wants to see a big amount of likes on Instagram post and for it, they take help from various sources but they can’t achieve goals. If you are using Instagram hack then you can easily get the desired amount of likes on posts. When you are searching for hack tools on the internet at that time some fake options also include in the result. For avoiding the fake options users are required to gather deep information about them. It is possible only by visiting the official website of hack tool. On its official websites, the detailed information related to work and features is available. With this information, it becomes easier to make final decision.

Survey of Reviews of the BlackBerry Storm 9530

Name of Manufacturer/Product Name/Model: BlackBerry Storm 9530
Average Retail Price: List price is $618 Cdn. However, this can vary depending on the mobile phone service you use.

Overall Consensus: Most have been pleased with the BlackBerry Storm 9530. There were a few minor issues such as the screen’s refresh rate when moving through its menus and changing from portrait to landscape mode, but not enough to completely put people off purchasing it.

Pros:UMTS/HSDPA support, touch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera

Cons: Poor speakerphone quality, various bugs

Product Features: The 3.2 megapixel camera and data storage capabilities seem to be the strongest of the BlackBerry Storm 9530’s features. The touch screen also is a feature that sets the BlackBerry Storm 9530 apart from other smartphones. Wireless capabilities also allow for use in Europe, Asia and North America.

What the experts are saying: Most agree that the BlackBerry Storm 9530 is a great smartphone. CNET editors note that the speakerphone isn’t the best and that working with Word and other documents on the phone should not be attempted beyond minor editing. However, that also is about average for other smartphones. Laptop Magazine calls the BlackBerry Storm “drop-dead gorgeous” and likes its ability to support wireless networks in the North America, Asia and Europe. Engadget also is happy with the look and wireless capabilities. What it wasn’t too impressed with is the way the screen jiggled around when pressed in a certain way. It also didn’t think that the touch screen feature really added anything to the BlackBerry Storm.

What consumers are saying: Those on Amazon were mostly pleased with the BlackBerry Storm 9530. One reviewer mentioned that the speed of the phone was slower than that of his friend’s Apple iPhone. Another consumer wasn’t as impressed with the Storm. He noted that since it now uses a micro USB port instead of the mini USB port used on earlier models, if he switched his employees to the Storm, any of the extra chargers they had would no longer be useful.

Call of Duty: World at War – Second World War Again!!!

Call of Duty World at War returns you to the Second World War, but now besides the Germans, you’ll fight against the Japanese army. You play with American or Russian soldiers. The game is so tense that you will feel like you’re right in the Second World War. Weapons are mostly the same except for two new weapons: flamethrower and bayonet. Flamethrower is certainly the most interesting weapon that is very effective against Japanese fast attacks. Both of these new weapons will be used in the American campaign.

Mission in which you fight against the Japanese army were different because the Japanese use a different strategy. In these missions you must constantly be on guard because Japanese will always make ambushes and traps. They will often be hidden in the trees which can be very inconvenient. Also this Call of Duty is more bloodier than the other Call of Duty games. Also, the explosion will cause opponents to lose body parts which leads to a lot more blood. The game is very realistic so wounded soldiers will try to drag to the shelter.

Multiplayer is the same as in Call of Duty 4, so gaining levels you get new weapons and perks. Perks are special abilities that grant you a bonus. In addition to the basic modes Capture the Flag mode is returned and there is a new mode called Nazi Zombies in which you must defend the house from zombies. By killing zombies you get points which you spend on repairing the barricades or you can purchase new weapons or ammunition. Basic modes have some new things such as tanks, which you can use. Also you get a bonus if you make a certain kill streak. For example, when you make five kills you get airstrike and when you make seven kills you get angry dogs that kill for you.

Graphics is improved compared to Call of Duty 4 which means that it is a high-quality graphics.

Platypus is the Squishiest Shooter Game Ever

A tiny spaceship, the last hope of (insert something you’re cheering for here), flies towards the top or the right of the screen, spraying a hail of destruction in front of it. Powerups are collected, enemies shot down, boss spaceships blown apart. We’ve seen it all so many times we’ve lost count … but we’ve never seen it like this!
Platypus, available from Reflexive Games for PC and Mac and published by Astraware on nearly all smartphone platforms, is a shooter game done in claymation. Not CGI masquerading as claymation; actual photographed clay. But is it just a gimmick, or does it accentuate and enhance a solid game? Let’s find out!

Best. Graphics. Ever.

As the name suggests, Platypus is a lively and colorful game, with vivid multiple scrolling backgrounds and bright-colored enemy spacecraft. Or aircraft, as the case may be … the entire game takes place in the skies of a claymation planet, which is good because we get to see all kinds of 3d landscapes. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re not interactive, or you may crash into the power lines like I did!

Not only is Platypus beautiful, its graphics are used to good effect! Enemy ships become riddled with bullet holes, then finally blow apart in an explosion of gray and red clay as a tiny pilot parachutes out. And epic boss battles have you blasting at ships much larger than the screen itself, tearing them to pieces one chunk at a time.

Perhaps my only complaint about Platypus’ graphics is that they’re not squishy enough! For all that you blow things apart in a shower of clay, they still play an explosion sound effect that could be found in any other game. A “Play-Doh” mode with splattier sound effects would’ve been nice, and would’ve emphasized the theme. As it is, though, Platypus stands up to the best shooters to be found on any platform, which isn’t bad for a casual game.

So how does it play?

While its graphics are innovative, Platypus doesn’t break the mold when it comes to gameplay. It’s very easy to play, though, even on a device with a tiny screen. On my touchscreen Palm Centro, I just guided the ship around with either my stylus or the 5-way navigator, as it automatically shot at whatever was in front of me. A button could be used to start or stop firing, and it came in handy in levels where I was flying through minefields.

Unlike in many other games, there aren’t any smart bombs, and you don’t get to power up weapons in quite the same way. Instead, certain formations of enemy ships will drop items that you can use to gain optional weapons, which last for a certain amount of time. The more items you collect, the longer the weapon will last. Sometimes you can shoot the items to flip them over and change what kind of weapon you get.

These optional items are dispensed frequently, and just when you think you’ve seen them all, they toss something new at you — in one level I was throwing out volleys of rockets, and towards the end they gave me a lightning gun that cut a clean line through the screen. Sometimes I found rotating weapon pods that would circle my ship and put out extra firepower, and they were a lot of fun to combine with the rockets and lightning gun!

Spit and polish

Platypus benefits from an obsessive attention to detail, and all the little details add up. Like the bunches of fruit which come out of exploding ships … you can actually shoot them apart and collect individual pieces, which give differing point values! And I already mentioned the little pilots who parachute out of the larger ships. It’s things like this that make the game feel like a labor of love.

The sound effects are basic, and get the job done. But the music, while none too sophisticated, is incredibly catchy at times! Inspired by Commodore 64 game soundtracks, it’ll have you hooked from the very first classically 8-bit riff.

The one place where they could’ve added more detail is in the storyline. There isn’t any! The website says something about “The vast continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis” invading a peaceful country, but that’s the only place where I’ve seen it. Fortunately, the graphics pretty much tell the story by themselves.

The Upshot

I’ve been playing shooter games for a very long time, and Platypus can stand with the best of them. It doesn’t break new ground, but it doesn’t rely on its graphics, either … it uses them to enhance an already-solid game.

Probably the best comparison I can make is to the original Star Fox, called Star Wing in Europe. This Super Nintendo shooter was done in 3d polygon graphics, which was novel at the time. But it also had superb gameplay, and a memorable atmosphere and soundtrack.

Platypus is neither as epic nor as memorable as Star Fox. But it’s a fun shooter that’ll keep you playing for hours, and coming back to it after you’ve beaten it. And while the demo mode for its smartphone version is draconian (3 games … and leaving the game and coming back to it counts), the full version is worth picking up.

How to Make a Twisted Metal Car in an Online Game

Twisted Metal is a popular horror car game in which players advance through levels via car obstacles and destruction to learn the stories of the deranged characters throughout the game. Reduplicating the Twisted Metal car game completely is not possible without the appropriate sophisticated software. Thanks to modern technology, however, users can create their own car games online that possess characteristics that resemble the Twisted Metal car game and allow them to customize their version of the game to suit their personal gaming preferences.
Things You’ll Need

Online car game generator

Step 1

Navigate to a Web site that allows you to make your own car games online via an online car game generator, such as “PlayCrafter” (See References).

Step 2

Click on “Make Games,” and then select “Car Game” from the “Game Templates” to create a car game.

Step 3

Click items within the game kit to add them to the canvas, where you can move them to create game goals and obstacles. To keep with the theme of Twisted Metal, use dark colored cars and environments as well as gaming pieces such as the “Ball of Doom,” “Bull Demon,” “Buzz Saw” and “Brutal Spike.”

Step 4

Click on “Add Level” to add a new level to your car game, and ideally each level should increase in difficulty, depicting more difficult obstacles and horrors.

Step 5

Click on “Play” to test your game, and click on “Save” to save it for later re-working, or click on “Publish” to publish it, making it accessible to other users.


Click on “Piece Editor” to obtain additional gaming pieces, and click on “Create Piece” to create your own game piece; creating your own pieces could help you customize your car game to resemble Twisted Metal more.


Beware of harboring too high of expectations for your Twisted Metal game creation; you will not be able to completely recreate the Twisted Metal game.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” is a video game made for many different game consoles, but I am referring to the XBOX addition.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer was introduced to XBOX in 2002. There is a sequel to this game, but I prefer the original game instead of the sequel. This game is rated “T” for teen, as it has some mild language and mild gore, but lots of violence.

The original cast members of the show appear in the game. The voices of the game characters are the actual voices of the cast members.

This game is very long. That is a good thing for people who are looking to master a game quickly. This game involves many different moves and secrets that will make your game playing experience a lot more fun.

I have been able to find some cheat codes for this game, but I believe that the codes are not worth entering. If you enter the codes it could affect the game play. My opinion is to just play the game, the way it was made to be played.

When I first played the game, I thought it would be your typical “Fighting” game, but this has a story behind it. The plot thickens every time you complete a level. I have seen many reviews giving this game good and bad reviews. I myself give this game 4 out of 5 stars.

The music is great, and the action is great, but the characters have a tendency to repeat there comments throughout the game and it can become very irritating.

I have also beaten this game. It took roughly 6 months to a year to beat the game on the easiest level. I have attempted to play this game on a harder level and it really is harder. “GO FIGURE”

There were a few faults that I noticed with this game as well. I noticed that if you put the cheat code in for invincibility, you cannot die, but if you fall down a cliff or a building, your game will freeze and you will have to restart. If you restart the game you will start at the very beginning of the chapter you left off at, especially if you didn’t reach the auto save section. The only other fault that I found with the game is what I mentioned earlier about the same lines repeated.

The sequel to Buffy The Vampire Slayer is “Buffy The Vampire Slayer Chaos Bleeds”

If you are a person who enjoyed the series while it was televised, I believe you would like this game. It is fun to play, and hard to master. It takes patience and plenty of time to beat. When you beat it on easy you can always try different levels.

Happy Gaming

Using a Hack to unlock unlimited gems in Clash of Clans

Many people these days use to play different kinds of video games as they find it interesting. The one of the main reason for the people to play video games is to have fun and entertainment. Video game has become the one of the most entertaining element for the people these days because developers release most exciting games that engage the players with the game more. This is the reason that most of the players get addicted to play video games that they play different kinds of games under various genres. Each player will have their favorite game genre and they choose to play most of the games from their favorite genre.

Different kinds of game genre includes strategic, sports, racing, motor, action, adventure and many other games. Strategic game is the one of the interesting genre chosen by most of the players. Strategic game usually will be engaging the player in the game play and hence it would be much interesting to play. Most of the players use to choose the games with exciting game play that engages the player with the game and gives them enjoyable gaming experience. One of the most played strategic games is clash of clans. Clash of clans is a multi player game which is the one of the attractive feature about this game because player use to enjoy multiplayer games than single player game.

If the game is single player mode then they have to play with computer and it would be boring for them after certain stage of game. But in case of multiplayer game, player will be able to challenge other players such as their friends and players from any part of the world. The players with good scores will be listed in the game so players from anywhere can invite the players listed in the high scores list to enjoy challenging gaming time. Interested players will respond to the request and will become opponent and the game will be tough enough according to the capacity of the opponent.

Game play is most important in any game because game play is the complete course of the game. From the beginning to the end, game play engages the player with the game so that they will be able to have enjoyable gaming experience. The game play of clash of clans is set in a manner that any video game player will like it because it is to invade the territories and take hold of it using the trained troops. Training the troop, choosing people for troop, training them for using weapons and to face battle will be much interesting for the players that they will have thrilling experience when they lead the troop to the battle with opponent troops.

Once the player enters the other territory, they have to clash with the opponent army and will have to take the tower so that they can take the dominion over the territory. Once the tower has been taken, player will be able to have that kingdom and will rule henceforth. The tower is the main identity of the territory for the kings and rulers so taking the tower indicates taking their dominion out and ruling the place. After defeating the kings and rulers of the place, player will use all the possessions taken from there to renovate, to buy lands, plant trees, to buy weapons and to do all other necessary things.

In between this the player will collect gems as the player defeats the opponent territory, kings and rulers. The number of gems collected will be useful for the player to buy the weapons and to get most of the benefits of the game that will be useful for the player both for defense and for attack. The towers captivated by the player will be attacked by other troops that come all the way to take hold of it so the player has to use his troop to protect the towers from the enemy. If the player gains another tower and takes the ruling, scores will increase otherwise the scores will be decreased if player loses any tower.

The difficulty level of the game will increase as the player advances to different levels and hence player has to struggle to earn more gems and to captivate more towers. In order to crack the difficulty of the game in each level player has to use Clash of Clans Hack apk that unleashes unlimited gems to the game account of the player. The hack tool will be available in game hack sites in online. Hack tool would have to be installed in computer or it can be directly used in the website itself to generate unlimited gems and other benefits of the game. Hack tool is completely free to download with no strings attached for generating gems and benefits

SimCity Build It hacks and cheats


If you have ever dreamt to create your real cyber city, especially if you are learning to become a successful architect or achieve a career in other forms of city building then there is no better way for you to start achieving your dreams than setting up your own SimCity Build it account. You will be able to play this app from your desktop through Facebook and from your mobile devices, iOS and Android as well.  This game is also a great way of spending pastime for all those who are travelling a lot or those who are used to relax while having to still do something challenging.

This game will start from zero and gets to a point where you can end up with a Dubai like metropolis. You are the one who sets up everything from running water to electricity and you will be the one building out all the amenities and services, which will later on pay taxes in order for you to be able to invest all the more.

But, eventually the point of stagnating is inevitable. You either went too far in terms of spending money or end up waiting tons of time in order to go step by step that you are close to get to a breaking point: you either pay for extra keys or SimCash  or you may even end up giving the whole game a break because it’s just too much waiting.

That’s exactly when most people end up with getting online to look for a simcity buildit hack android to get ahead all the faster. You will find tons of online websites offering you access to SimCash, keys or coins. You will also have access to apps on iTunes which can help you with tips and advice but this time around let me also get to show you some of the cheats and tips which you can use when starting to play:

  • Upgrade city storage as soon as possible
  • Place all factories and waste storage spaces as far from residential areas as possible: to avoid pollution that will make you having to pay for tons of extra efforts for cleaning.
  • SimCash should be spent primarily for store expansions
  • Concentrate on wind and water powered energy
  • Trade goods with other players as often as possible: this way you can get things way cheaper
  • Work on population because this way you earn more taxes and will have a good workforce to improve everything way faster
  • Set your factories to produce even when you are offline

All these tips can make you earn SimCash all the faster in a more organic way. I hope you liked all the tips and ways to hack represented here and will carry on with this great game because it teaches people a lot on how cities originally operate.

The actual hacks:

The hacks available on iTunes: yes you are reading me well. This is one of the rare games for which I can see a legit downloadable app available on iTunes for everyone.